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Henderson is a proven leader and expert in major business operations with a record of achieving significant and measurable achievements and improvements in complex environments. Henderson specialization includes achievement of  set goals, and optimization of the workforce. Henderson has a wealth of experience in developing and implementing strategic plans to achieve individual and organizational performance. Henderson continues to contribute to target clients in health, education and other industries.

“Watch the trees dancing in the wind”
With countless dreams of flying, have always wanted to fly like a bird ever since I can remember. Can’t believe I’ve taken this long to do it but finally did on 3 January 2017 and it was the best thing ever!

Up there with sky diving, but so much better than paragliding, parasailing and the warbird aerobatic flight, hang gliding is an experience not to be missed.

The gush of air as you take off from the cliff edge, feeling the wind beneath you, the exhilaration as the hang glider takes speed, the gentle manoeuvres above the coastline as the waves crashed upon the shore, the serenity as we hovered high above the tree tops watching the trees dancing in the wind, the adrenalin rush as we came around for the beach landing, all these amazing moments I will never forget.

Made even more memorable, was the friendly crew from Warren Windsports. Thanks so much to Mike for being accommodating when we were running a tad late and still giving me the full 30 minute hang glide although it was over way too quickly. I guess time flies as well when you’re having fun and I had the best fun ever. Thanks Mike for letting me take hold of the glider briefly and for doing some awesome manoeuvres, it was very neat! Absolutely loved every second of the hang glide with you! Wish it could’ve lasted longer.

Thanks also to the rest of the crew for assisting with setting up the glider and ensuring it all went smoothly. Shout-out to Chris for taking some happy snaps for me.

Would highly recommend Warren Windsports for anyone wanting to enjoy the thrills of hang gliding over the picturesque location at Bald Hill and finishing up at Stanwell Park Beach.

Can’t wait for the next hang glide! Hopefully can go even higher and further out.

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